Welcome to Grevian.org

I'm a tinkerer and always have something on the go, this page holds details of some of my past and present projects and what I've learned while working on them.



The page you're on! I use grevian.org as my playground for webdesign and UI design, continually remaking it and trying out new techniques and new libraries, that does mean it's almost always in an unfinished state though.


This page is something I threw together in an afternoon, and polished for a week or so afterwords, It's a web interface to the GraphViz library, along with a page of examples relevant to the Discrete Math course I was in at the time, and a quick reference of attributes and keywords.


A fun little website to interact with the Google Cloud Vision API, provides a gallery, webcam or file uploading, and analysis. Source code on github.


I've never invested significant time in Photography, but it's satisfying to be able to capture a decent representation of something that inspires me.


I am currently on my own quest for the Perfect Pizza, inspired by Peter Reinhardts journey as described in the excellent American Pie. I first became interested in baking after reading his book The Breadbakers Apprentice and I've been enjoying the journey ever since.